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Our Fresh Features

Essential curated features for pets that strengthen your pet’s and your lifestyle to lead a healthy, risk-free life.

Glucose Reading

The bar graph clearly explains the ups & downs in the glucose level of pets. Generally, it tends to rise due to an inappropriate diet. Here, you can scroll to study the glucose pattern of the pet for a week and more. You can better analyse the Glucose readings by comparing it to the Maximum, Minimum and Average levels mentioned below.

Metabolic Score

Keep regular track of your pet’s glucose pattern ratings. You can check the Glucose variability score, Average glucose score and Time in target score here. GVS reflects the highs and lows in the glucose graph. AGS indicates the amount of fuel and the pet’s ability to dispose of it off. Time-in-Target Score represents metabolic health and the higher it is, the better it is.

How FirmPet Work

FirmPet gives you a feature-rich experience that helps you ease the process of taking care of your pets and give them the lifestyle they deserve.

Music Therapy

Get access to specially curated music playlists to calm your pets and cheer them up as per different pet types. (Coming Soon)

Professional Vets

Contact the veterinarian of your choice to consult about your pet for treatment.

Training Videos

Train your pets to learn behavioral aspects and make a friendly bond with them.

Detailed Report

Get PDF reports for a fortnight or a month directly in the app itself to analyse the pet’s metabolic health. (Coming Soon)

Community Feed

Post pictures of your cute pets and view, like, share and comment on other pet photos from your Feed.

Polls & Forum

Ask questions to get your queries solved by the community expert. Create polls and know what the community thinks

Diet & Meal score

Learn the glycemic response of the pets for different meals. A controlled and stabilised graph depicts the ideal Meal score. Physical attributes such as stress level, sleep quantity and microbiome health also impact it.

Insulin Dosage

Track the amount of insulin injected into your pet in a period of a fortnight or month. Generally, pets with diabetes require dietary change and twice insulin dosage daily. You can set reminders on the app by entering the name of insulin, amount of dosage and time of injection.

Food & Exercise

Add food, exercise and other activity details in the log with the exact date and time of the activity. Manually adding the data will help you make better feeding decisions for your pet and maintain their glucose level. Tracking daily activity will ensure good pet health and reduce the risk of diseases.

Community Access

Get all the pet-related queries solved immediately via being a part of the community and posting the questions in the forum section. Post pictures of your cute pet and give a paw-like to other people’s posts. Get answers from the validated industry experts for your queries in no time.