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Log of activities, Right In Your Hands Via personalised Data

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Today’s Glucose Level

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  • Max 120 Mg/dl

  • Min 80 Mg/dl

  • Avg 100 Mg/dl

Take your Pet’s health to another level.

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What We Do


Guaranteed Safety

Our latest technology guarantee your pet's data safety and privacy. We keep your data safe in the cloud with high security and constant backups.


All in one app

Get at-a-glance information on your pet's health. We give fully regulated real-time alerts on your pet's metabolic score, zone score, diet plans, insulin check and physical activities.

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FirmPet Services

Connect with the most professional veterinarians for your pet's health. Access training videos and music therapy to groom & relax your pet.

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Easy-to-understand insights into Pet's glucose level

Monitoring your Pet's glucose level gives you comprehensive health insight that helps pets live healthier lives. Users can add food, exercise, glucose level or insulin data. This data will be converted into a readable graph representation that will give insights into the effect of activities on pet's health.

set new standard of care

Set New Standard Of Care With Metabolic Score & Continuous Glucose Monitor

Determine the metabolic score of your pet by examining the glucose level before, during and after physical activity. Record the time and type of pet meal on the FirmPet app to personalise the fuel strategy and keep glucose in control.

Get regular updates, Alerts and Reminders

Receive regular alerts about the high/low glucose levels with possible solutions and set reminders for various activities to never miss the right time for any such pet activities.

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Optimise Pet's Lifestyle With The Right Insulin Level

Check pet's insulin level by manually entering the data such as type of insulin you inject, amount of dosage, time of injection, kind of meal and drink etc. Make insulin decisions for your pet confidently.

How it work

Direct Access To Professional Veterinarians For Intelligent Insights

Expert advice always works wonders for pets. Request appointments with your favourable veterinary practise partners through email, contact number etc. and avail of various FirmPet services. Add your preferred vet in the app on your own.

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Be a part of the emerging Pet community & get support for your pet health queries

Get access to the information from industry experts & community of people seeking & delivering pets' health-related information. Post your queries or follow the Pet community experts to never miss their updates. You can retrieve information through the experts & veterinarians validated by the App.

Compelling Training Videos To Make Your Pet Smarter

Make your and your pet’s life easier with engaging training videos. Find numerous content on the app to groom the pet. Training videos boost their skills to work on commands, even in challenging surroundings that pose distractions.

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Learn Optimal Diet Plan Of Your Pet With Daily Insights (Coming Soon)

A nutrient-rich meal helps your pet live a healthy and long life. Add pet's daily diet on the FirmPet app and get insights into its Zone Score. Now, manage the activities and meals of the pet as per the Zone score.

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Effective Music Therapy To Calm Your Pet's Anxiety (Coming Soon)

Music therapy is the most proven, highly effective and non-invasive approach for healing different phobias in pets. Access the latest music released in the market to soothe your pets. Cheer them up with the most delightful piece of famous artists.

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As soon as your profile is approved, answer basic questions regarding your pet's health to get a prescription and we will ship you a device.

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After receiving the device, follow the instructions on the FirmPet App to apply a sensor on your pet.