The app is not a medical device, the user should not take action based on the app. The user should discuss and ask a doctor or care team. Correct data entry is essential, the research content is based on your input to the app.

about app

>> The data provided must only be analysed by you. No content – no matter whether provided by app itself, our cooperation partners or users – can be understood as supplementing or replacing information from a healthcare professional or pharmacist.

>> Please note that before using our products for the first time you must consent to all of the declarations and agreements referred to and accept them during any further usage. The registration and use of our products is prohibited without your consent to our t&cs. We explicitly reserve the right to make future changes and factually justified modifications to our t&cs. Changes may be necessary to meet statutory requirements, correspond to technical and economic requirements or meet the interests of our users. Such changes are possible at any time and will be published in an appropriate manner before they take effect, giving each user the opportunity to oppose them in writing within a month of their publication. If they are not opposed, the ongoing use of our products is subject to the relevant new t&cs.

>> In our app, user can also upload the photos and videos of their pets. User can add pet food, insulin and exercise data in home module. User can add their vet information and access other vet information as well. Anyone who has registered with this app, can access the data of user’s and their pet.


>> We provide different videos on pet foods, exercise lifestyle, healthcare of pets etc. We have taken the consent of the creators of the videos to share them on the app.

Third-party suppliers

>> It goes without saying that you will find our products in the app stores. In general, the business terms of the relevant third-party supplier (over which we have no influence) apply there; these are not part of our t&cs nor our contractual relationship with you as the user of our products. This also applies to the business terms and conditions of your mobile device or service supplier.

Data protection

>> We are aware of the major responsibility that comes with your use of our products. Not only do you provide us with general personal data but also with data on your health. In our privacy policy we inform you about the use and protection of your data in connection with using our products and on your consent required for this.

>> Our privacy policy is not part of these t&cs but rather is only used to provide you with information under the gdpr.

Registration and activation

>> The use of our products requires your registration with our app. As soon as you have activated our product for the first time, you must register using an email address and password. Each user may only create one user and can only be used by one user.

>> The activation is confirmed to you directly after registration by a separate email. We reserve the right to reject individual users or their offer to conclude a contract if we decide to do so at any reason without stating a reason.

>> On registration, the user confirms their acknowledgement and unrestricted acceptance of the contents of these t&cs and that their information is true, correct, up-to-date and complete; they are also obliged to regularly update their personal information.

>> If the user provides false, incorrect, out-of-date or incomplete information or we have just cause for believing that information is false, incorrect, out-of-date or incomplete, we reserve a right to block the relevant registered account with immediate effect without prior notice and prohibit the use of our products.

>> The user must protect their registration data from unauthorised access by third parties, abuse or use with fraudulent intent. If there is even a suspicion that the user account has been exposed to such a risk, this must be notified without delay to contact@firmpet.Com. We have the right to block user account of any user if it is used for wrongful or fraudulent intentions.

Lock out and exclusion

>> We reserve the right to temporarily lock out users at any time for any important reason (at our discretion) or to permanently exclude them from using our products.

License and the granting of rights

>> With your registration and activation, you acquire the non-exclusive, non-transferable but geographically unrestricted right to save and use a copy of our app for your own purposes within the framework of these t&cs. The software, code, methods and systems as well as the content of our products are protected by copyright and competition law. Our products or parts thereof may not be copied, modified, reproduced, republished, posted, transferred, sold, offered for sale, resold or used in any other way without our prior, written consent. Users are not permitted to use brands, logos, other commercial property rights or trademark rights of firmpet. Unless otherwise provided by these t&cs, all of the usage and exploitation rights are owned exclusively by firmpet and there is no licensing of any kind for our products.

Availability of our products

>> We provide our products in each case in accordance with the existing technical, economic, operational and organisational possibilities. The app cannot exclude any interruptions, disturbances, delays, deletions, incorrect transmissions or storage failures in connection with using our products or communication with users.

>> This also applies to restrictions in using our products due to force majeure, strikes, lockouts and official instructions or due to technical modifications or maintenance work on the systems. In the event of disruptions or failures of our products, please contact contact@firmpet.Com any time.

Your behaviour

>> General information. Each user is entitled and obliged to use our products at their own risk and expense whilst deploying suitable technical equipment. You are also obliged to use our products exclusively in compliance with these t&cs and the statutory provisions as well as avoiding all wrongful use. Please inform us immediately if you discover any breaches of the duties stated in this section at contact@firmpet.Com.


>> Each user is obliged to state their registration data truthfully, to keep it up-to-date and complete as well as not to pass it on to any third party. Personal data must be treated confidentially, managed carefully and backed up under one’s own responsibility. The app accepts no liability or other guarantees for lost or damaged data or content if this is not our fault.

>> Content such as photos, images, texts, videos or other depictions may only be stored, published, transferred or distributed in connection with our products if the user has the right to transfer or use them. In all cases the use of racist, offensive, discriminatory, defamatory, sexual, pornographic, violent or other illegal content of all kinds is always prohibited.

>> Furthermore, it is prohibited to decrypt, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble our products. Each user is obliged not to undertake any disruptive interferences by technical or electronic means in our products (in particular hacking attempts, brute force attacks, introducing viruses, worms, trojan horses, other malicious software) nor any type of attempted disturbance that might affect the software of the products.


>> Users are not entitled to transfer their account or rights and obligations from these t&cs in connection with the use of our products to third parties.

>> If individual provisions of these t&cs are or become ineffective, the other provisions of these t&cs not affected by the invalidity remain valid and applicable.

>> The app collects your personal data and contact details that you provide when you create an account in the app. Personal data will also be collected related to your use of the app, including health related information that you choose to provide in connection with your use of the app.

Your rights and questions

>> Where the processing of your personal data is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. With limited exceptions, you have the right to request information about what personal data that the app holds about you and request inaccurate information to be corrected. In some circumstances and in accordance with applicable law, you may have the right to request that all your personal data is erased or that the processing of your personal data is restricted. Furthermore, you may have the right to object to the processing of your personal data and to request that your personal data is transferred in a machine-readable format to another controller.

>> User can create polls or ask question in community section. User can like, comment, share and save or answer the question in the community section. If you have any questions regarding the processing of personal data, you can contact us at contact@firmpet.Com.