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We welcome leaders in the veterinary profession who want to reach a huge audience, expand their services and stand out in the pet care industry. Vets who can practice both from their clinics in the local area and give assistance online are preferable. The prime duty of the vets is not only to heal the illness of animals but also to indulge in the research process. Vets are expected to inspect the pet diet, insulin dosage and physical activities for better guidance. The pet owners may directly contact you for assistance. If this process passionately interests you, you may consider partnering with us.

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We call all artists who are passionate about making music for pets. If you are a caring and dynamic pet lover, we offer to join our team. Pet musicians are expected to design ‘species-specific music’ with tones, pitches and tempos especially designed for a particular breed. The music curated for pets must be of different genres such as cheerful, calming, energetic, relaxing etc. Get your music career off the ground through our app and reach a massive audience of pet owners who choose your music for pet therapy. We provide you with a platform to share your work independently but responsibly. If this profile fits your expectations, apply now.

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We are looking forward to responsible pet trainers who can build effective training videos to boost pets’ good behaviour. The training videos must teach pet owners about their pet’s behaviour, sign languages to communicate with the pets, eating habits, physical activities, sitting, staying & retrieving etc. The pet trainer must be exceptional in problem-solving, communication and pet-handling techniques and share this knowledge in their videos. We will give preference to those trainers who commit to creating and posting training videos consistently. Please sign up if you feel suitable for this.

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