FirmPet App is built to keep a real-time check on pets’ metabolic health concerning their nutrition, physical activities and insulin level. With the deployment of smart biosensors CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitors), the pet owners can infer the live Metabolic and Zone score of their pets. Our awesome app helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle of your pet to avoid long-term health risks.
FirmPet is a UK-based app developed to combat the rising metabolic disorders prevalent among pets. This first-ever app is dedicated to offering live CGM insights according to the pet’s lifestyle.


We look forward to curating a strong measure to cater metabolic disorders found in pets which are generally neglected in animals.

Over two centuries ago, the world realised animal’s need for indispensable organic nitrogenous substances and a nutritionary diet. Since then the understanding of dynamics of protein metabolism and amino acid needs in animals has risen intensely. With the gradual evolution of this concept, numerous measures have been taken to curb pet metabolism disorder whether Genetic or Acquired.

We at FirmPet believe that Prevention is better than cure and with this ideology, we aspire to provide all the required tools and information to the concerned pet owners. FirmPet is an engineering app in veterinary field that can enable individual pet healthcare through one app no matter how many pets you own. Our powerful metrics offer clinically proven, insightful and deep biomarkers to ascertain pet’s metabolic health and related risks.


To give all the necessary information, technology and expertise accessible to the pet owners concerned about their physical health.

Our primary goal is to give handy, daily and deep insights into pets’ metabolic health data through live zone scores to spread awareness and give precautionary measures.