To operate the FirmPet app, you need a CGM device installed on the pet that constantly gives the glucose readings. Second, you need a mobile device with near-field communication to scan the overall glucose analysis.

Obesity is a critical factor to trigger insulin in pets. It causes impaired glucose metabolism in pets. Obesity makes the pet’s body cells more insulin resistant and thus, increases the chances of developing diabetes in pets.

After rigorous research & testing on different pets, the FirmPet app has been launched with the consent of professional veterans. The glucose concentration results of this app are 99% accurate.

The CGM device collects samples from the pet’s body fluids every minute and saves the data. Next, the digital reader in CGM measures the glucose levels and reflect them on your mobile screens through the FirmPet app. You can retrieve real-time information through this sensor.

The two graphs are depicted in the FirmPet app; one shows the live Metabolic Score and the other shows the Zone Score. Metabolic score depicts the insulin level of pets, whereas the Zone score gives an overall analysis of the pet’s health as per food, physical activities and pet notes.

The leading causes of metabolic issues in pets are physical inactivity, obesity, and an unhealthy diet. The pets get such a syndrome in experimental circumstances when induced by fat-rich diets. It can develop lipodystrophy, atherosclerotic disease, and abnormal blood and hematological coagulation.

Yes. The usage of CGM devices amongst pets is gaining popularity to monitor diabetes in the home environment. Now you can quickly get real-time insights into a pet’s insulin levels.

Yes. Domestic pets get high nutrients from fruits, grains and vegetables. A non-meat diet is not only a filler but a good source of essential minerals, vitamins and fibre. Seldom you can serve meat as well.

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